7 Best Glasses For Trap Shooting 2021 Reviewed

The best glasses for trap shooting should come with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens to protect your eyes from debris and dust. Moreover, consider shooting eyewear with anti-fog coating technology on the lens to promote vision clarity and accurate target shooting ability.Best Glasses For Trap Shooting 2021

Trapshooting glasses should also employ a wraparound design to keep your eyes secure from bad weather, wind, and flying debris, lastly.To enjoy a customizable fit when shooting, consider going for glasses that feature adjustable arms. Let jump to our trap shooting glasses review below!

Reviews: 7 Best Glasses For Trap Shooting In 2021

1.Oakley SI Ballistic M-Frame 3.0 Shooting Glasses Dark Bone

Interestingly this Oakley SI Ballistic M-Frame took our best glasses for trap shooting on our review today as they are both light in weight and equally high performing. The Plastic frame technology is the primary reason why Oakley SI Ballistic is incredibly light in weight.

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These are safety trap shooting eyes wear as they feature plutonite lenses that are UV light-proof and 100% scratch resistant. The frameless designs enhance absolute vision clarity even when trap shooting in misty weather.

Moreover, the Wraparound design of these shooting dark bone glasses from Oakley offers your eyes full protection even when spending hours under bright sunlight. The warp-up design is equally crucial as it prevents dust and other flying debris from accessing your eyes.

Furthermore, this trapshooting glass beast from Oakley comes with a soft nose and earpieces. As a result, these glasses can remain on your face for a more extended period. Interestingly the soft nose and ear pads are why this Oakley SI Ballistic is compatible with different face and forehead shapes.

  • Zipper hard case,
  • Wraparound lens
  • Plutonite lens
  • Impact-resistant
  • Semi-rimless frame
  • UV 400 lens
  • Plastic frame

2.Magpul Explorer Sunglasses Tactical Sports Shooting Glasses

Second on our list, find Magpul Explorer, our best prescription glasses for trap shooting, on this review today. With anti-reflective coating technology, these Magpul promote absolute shooting accuracy. Therefore this Magpul was our favorite trap shooting polarized prescription shooting glasses.

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Moreover, the padded temple design of these Magpul Explorer allows them to be the most stylish and comfortable trap shooting glasses on this list today. In case you are that trap shooter who prefers using helmets, then Magpul Explorer glasses are still an excellent pick for you, as they feature a low profile temple design.

The most prominent feature of these Explorer shooting Sunglasses from Magpul is that they feature 100% Oleophobic lens treatment technology. Due to this reason, they offer your eyes extra protection from dust water and chemical spills either during a trap shooting training session or competition.

Lastly, there are incredibly durable as they feature rubber nose and earpad pieces. You can also get either non-polarized or polarized lenses to design from Magpul Explorer to suit your trapshooting eyes wear taste and reference.

  • stainless steel pins
  • vented frames
  • Oleophobic lens treatment
  • Sleek design
  • lightweight construction
  • Polycarbonate

3.best color Bertoni Trap Shooting Glasses

Next, we have the Bertoni Shooting Glasses, which come with a classic frame and can also be a lifestyle and at eth same time shootings sunglasses. Interestingly this trapshooting eye comes with adjustable nose pads, which allow you to enjoy a customizable fit.

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It is 100% scratch and impact resistant as it comes with Polycarbonate with 2.2mm as the approximate lens width. It features a super comfortable frame complemented by a Military Standard Lens, which is 100% Anti-fog hencve  our editors pick of best color glasses are best for trap shooting.

It is compatible with trap shooters with large or small fitting as it comes with TR90LX nylon carbon frames, which are unconditionally flexible. The polycarbonate lens design is the other reason why these Bertoni trap shooting glasses are resistant to flying debris, scratch, and dust.

The Wraparound design is of equal importance as it enhances peripheral vision while protecting your eyes from dust. As soon as you get these Bertoni trap shooting glasses, you will realize that they are incredibly light in weight as they only weigh 9.59 Ounces.

  • Light in weight
  • rubber-tipped arms
  • promotes peripheral vision
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Compatible with all face shapes
  • Rubber frame design

4.Re Ranger Phantom 2.0 Interchangeable 3-Lens Shooting Kit

Regardless of whether you are a trap shooting expert or a beginner after the right pair of glasses, consider selecting these Phantom 2.0 glasses that feature an Interchangeable lens technology. The Matte frame coating designs of these beasts play a vital role in virtually eliminating glare when enjoying trap shooting under direct sunlight.


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Interestingly, it comes from a company that guarantees to have your money back if you’ll not like the experience of these 2.0 glasses from Phantom. Moreover, y coming with a 100% blue ice lens, these Phantom trap shooting sunglasses offer absolute eye protection from either UVA or UVB light.

The medium yellow lens technology makes strap shooting accuracy either in bright or low light conditions during cloudy days to be 100% excellent. You will like the dark Purple lens technology as it professionally minimizes glare.

The Matte frame coating is equally essential as it does not fade even when exposed to direct sunlight. This pair also holds a special place in our hearts here at sunglassforest.com as it comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. Finally, for improved durability and ease of either storage or transport, these glasses feature a screw hinge technology.

  • Medium yellow lens
  • Lightweight
  • Dark grey lens
  • Minimizes glare
  • Never-slip temples
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Non-polarized

5.Under Armour Octane Sunglasses Wrap

In case you are after too lightweight trap shooting glasses, then these wrap-up octanes from Under Armour is what you should be going for this time around.  There is exceptionally light in weight as they come with a 100% plastic frame design.

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Besides, the vented frame design is the reason as to why this under amour pair of sunglass too your every dear eyewear for trap shooting as they are 100% anti-fog.    It has sport features such as rubber noses and ear pads, which play a massive role in keeping this octane trap shooting sunglass in position.

By coming with a nose bridge of 18 millimeters, these beast shooting glasses from Under Armour are compatible with trapshooting enthusiasts who have faced bigger or smaller fitting. The 63 millimeters thick lens professionally filter light reflection, thus minimizes glare instances.

Moreover, the dark grey lens technology professionally neutralizes eye fatigue when trap shooting under bright sunlight. Interestingly, hundreds of sports features such as the nose and ear pads ensure that these sunglasses will remain on your face for longer hours without falling off.

  • 18 millimeters Nose Bridge
  • Multi-reflection guard lenses
  • Self-articulating temples
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Microfiber pouch
  • Screwless cam-lock
  • Non-Polarized
  • Features plastic frame

6.Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Photochromic Sunglasses

Now we are moving on to our second last trap shooting glasses find Flak 2.0 XL from Oakley, which is worth consideration in my opinion. The Flak 2.0 XL has a wrap-up design, which helps keep your eyes safe from dust and sunlight rays.

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The o matter construction technology is the other reason why this Oakley Flak is both durable and 100% flexible. Moreover, it has exciting sport features such as rubber nose pads that play a massive role in allowing these glasses to be compatible with trapshooting enthusiasts with wide and narrow face shapes.

It also takes up a lifestyle design as it comes with an extremely comfortable nose and earpieces. Besides, the self-articulating temples complement the wrap-up design, thus offering your yes total protection from hard weather such as dust or even flying debris.

It also features a nose pad system, which takes up multi-positioning, making this octane compatible with a wide range of trap shooters’ face shapes. Coming with military-grade Mirror Coating technology, Oakley Flak professionally protects your eyes from glare and light reflections.

  • Highly flexible
  • Military-grade
  • Mirror coating
  • Lifestyles glasses
  • Unisex
  • Non-polarized Lenses
  • It features a plastic lens and frames

7.Best Safety 100% Speedcraft Glasses For Trap Shooting

Moving on to our last trap shooting glasses on our list, find  Speed craft Glasses, which are both light in weight and  100% durable. Also, they come with a wrap-up design hence our overall best safety sunglasses for trap shooting.

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By coming with technology mirror coating technology, these speed craft Glasses are 100% impact resistant. They also have sporty features such as original rubber nose grips, ensuring that these sunglasses remain in position for a more extended period.

The only downside poof, this pair of sunglasses features a plastic frame design. You will love the   100% signature lens as they promote 360-degree trap shooting ability. The non-polarized lens technology ensures that this pair of sunglasses promote absolute vision clarity and trap shooting accuracy.

It is also a stylish pair of trapshooting sunglasses as it comes with a 100% brand logo from Speed craft engraved on both frames sides. Moreover, the composite lens technology is the main reason these glasses are incredibly comfortable when trap shooting in different weather conditions.

  • Impact Resistant lens
  • Activewear glasses
  • Stylish
  • Wrap up deign
  • Rubber nose/ear pads
  • polycarbonate lenses
  • Plastic frame

                                       How To Select Best Glasses For Trap Shooting

Even the best glasses for trap shooting are not easy to find as there are tons of new generic, which are original shooting sunglasses that look alike. Interestingly we did all the groundwork for you. Therefore find a list of features to consider when selecting trap shooting glasses from the market today.

However, consider that price should not be an eliminating factor when selecting reliable glasses when looking for a reliable alternative to offer total protection during a Trap Shooting trip or competition.

Cost Is Not A Factor

If you are into trap shooting, sports should never be considered when selecting glasses as there are cheap sunglasses that better perfumers than expensive brands. If you are on a tight budget and still after high perfuming product, consider trap shooting glasses that can protect your eyes from 100% UV light.

Other than using the price to be a trap shooting glasses buying or eliminating point, consider suing UV-blocking as the significant buying point. However, keep in mind that cheap can be expensive as you might end up spending millions of dollars collecting or treating your eyes if they are damaged during a trap shooting trip or competition.

Brand That Suits Your Face Shape

For maximum protection of your eyes, consider trap shooting glasses that perfectly match your face shape. There are tons of trapshooting glasses on eth market. Therefore consider going for a product that best suits you, either your style or fashion taste.

Polarized Lenses Trap Shooting Glasses

Good things first, polarized lenses offer absolute glare protection. The bad thing is that polarized lenses don’t provide reliable yes protection against glare. However, polarized lenses promote trapshooting accuracy.

Also, only consider going for polarized lenses if you have plans of carrying out trap shooting near water bodies to ensure that your yes are professionally protected from possible sunlight reflections.

More giant Trap Shooting Glasses Are Better.

The next factor that you consider considering is going for brands that are 100% bigger in size. The main reason you should consider going for large glasses is to offer extensive face coverage.

You will agree that you will have to spend hours under bright sunlight during a trap shooting competition or training session. Due to this reason, consider going for glasses with more prominent or extensive coverage to ensure that your eyes and cheekbones are 100% protected from direct sunlight rays.


After going through our review today, we found SSP Eyewear Methow to be the most outstanding product on the market. The main reason why SSP Eyewear took our Best Glasses For Trap Shooting position is that apart from coming with a  semi-rimless TR90 nylon matte frame. Due to this reason, SSP Eyewear professional eliminates glare, thus promoting unconditional trap shooting accuracy.


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