7 Best Prescription Glasses For Golf 2021 Reviewed

The best prescription glasses for golf should both slip-free and extra comfortable.  Moreover, golf prescription sunglasses must also be polarized to ensure that your eyes are 100% protected from blue and UV light when golfing.

Other factors that determine whether prescription glasses for golf are ideal are lightweight nature and a wide field of view.

Additionally, consider going for prescription glasses for golf that can offer unconditional contrast to make breaks on the greens  100% visible.

Below find our typical golf prescription glasses!

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Reviews: 7 Best Prescription Glasses For Golf In 2021

1.Best Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses For Golf- Maui Jim Peahi Wrap Sunglasses

Wondering what the best Maui Jim prescription glasses for golf are? Well then, meet Peahi Wrap Sunglasses as our editors pick. The blue tint technology on the lens plays a massive role in making Maui Jim prescription glasses to promote 100% glare-free vision.

Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses For Golf View on Amazon

By featuring PolarizedPlus2 lenses with 65 millimeters as the overall width, Peahi Wrap can protect your eyes from both UV and blue light.

The   SuperThin Glass technology behind the thin lenses design promotes both durability and lightweight nature of these prescription glasses for both expert golfers. Also, SuperThin Glass technology enables solvent and scratch resistance ability of these Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses.

Moreover, the blue color on the lenses is why you will remain stylish either during golf training or competition sessions.  Lastly, with frames that use injected nylon as the primary material, these prescription golfer glasses are incredibly comfortable and durable.

  • Promotes glare-free vision
  • Light in weight
  • PolarizedPlus2 lens technology
  • Durable due to nylon frames
  • Flexible pair of glasses
  • ultimate UV protection
  • Fragile nylon frames

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2.Oakley Prescription Sunglasses For Golf-Oakley Target line OO9397 Sunglasses

Our best prescription glasses for golf positions went to Oakley Target line blue light blocking glasses. The most exciting thing is that these sunlight blocking glasses have flexible frames. As a result, they are compatible with the golfer with a prominent and narrow forehead.


Oakley Prescription Sunglasses For Golf View on Amazon

The light-blocking technology in these Oakley Target line glasses makes it easier for you to see grains either in or down the greens. Apart from being 100% ultra-light in nature, these prescription sunglasses for golfers will never degrade over time.

Also, it is a stylish pair of sunglasses as it features a 10% Composite frame. With 42 millimeters lens width, these Oakley Target line sunglasses are compatible with golfing under bright sunlight.

Because these sunglasses are handcrafted, the Oakley Target line is both durable and also reliable. Interestingly, these sunglasses’ manufacturer features quality ear suck, making them extremely comfortable even during long golfing sessions.

  • Blocks harmful light rays
  • Patented Lens
  • Enhances focus
  • Blue light blocking
  • Never degrade over time.
  • Ease eye strain
  • Features a blue tint

3.Prescription Glasses For Golfers: Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses For Golf

Third, on our prescription glasses for golfers, find unisex Spearo Sunglasses from Ray-Ban. It also comes with a soft micro-fiber cloth. Therefore, cleaning these Ray-Ban sunglasses to be 100% comfortable to achieve when golfing in dusty grass or AstroTurf.

Prescription Glasses For Golfers View on Amazon

Playing golf with prescription glasses is not only comfortable but also offers your eyes additional eye protection from harmful Uv and blue light when golfing under intense sunlight. Generally speaking, the Polarized lens technology filters harmful and toxic sunlight reflections and light rays.

By coming with a 40 millimeters lens length Ray-Ban cover your eyes thoroughly. As a result, it keeps your eyes from possible dust and debris. Apart from being a durable pair of golfer prescription glasses, it is also 100% scratch resistant as it features s 580 Glass.

Moreover, the 56 millimeters ensure that your eyes are professionally covered from stray Uv light, which might compromise your vision clarity when golfing. With a 100% resin frame, Costa Del Mar is compatible with golf training and competitions.

  • Polarized lenses
  • 100% USA product
  • Easily accessible
  • Reliable golfing glasses
  • superior clarity
  • None

4.Cheap Prescription Golf Sunglasses: Tifosi Tyrant 2.0  Polarized Wrap Sunglasses

Planning to enjoy your golfing experience like a pro while effectively protecting your eyes from harmful light rays, well, and then give these Tifosi tyrants 2.0 glasses a try. They are light in weight hence compatible with both male and female golfing enthusiasts.

Cheap Prescription Golf Sunglasses View on Amazon

Moreover, you are on a tight budget. Still, after the quality and protective glasses for golfing, consider going for them as they were the cheapest prescription golf sunglasses on our review today.

Best glasses for golfing prescription should also have quality ear and nose pads to promote comfort through your gaming experience. It come s with a quality case, which makes storing, transporting, or backing these cheap prescription glasses for golfing to be 100% achievable.

By featuring blue lenses, these glasses are effective in blocking bot computer and sunlight rays effectively. You will also find a microfiber cleaning bag that cleans these lenses effectively without scratching in the package.

  • blue polarized lens
  • shell zippered case
  • bending strength
  • filters harmful light rays
  • Comes with a microfiber cleaning bag
  • Homopolyamide nylon frames

5.Nike Prescription Golf Sunglasses: Nike Golf Unrest Sunglasses

Apart from being a well-known footwear manufacturer, find Nike Golf Unrest is not an exemption as it is our overall best Nike Prescription Golf Sunglasses on this review. The glass lens technology of these Nikes promotes excellent optical properties and overall durability.


Nike Prescription Golf Sunglasses View on Amazon

With quality 14 millimeters nose bridge, Nike Golf Unrest Sunglasses are compatible with the golfer with round or overall face shapes. Interestingly, this product comes with a nylon frame, making Nike Golf Unrest Sunglasses both light in weight and extremely durable.

This product offers you outstanding and Excellent peripheral vision, making it easier for you to enjoy golfing in well or dimly lit golf greens. The composite lens technology of these Nike prescription glasses for golf promotes optical quality, improving visual clarity, and golfing accuracy.

It features a military-grade nylon frame design. As a result, these Nike Golf Unrest Sunglasses are both flexible and unconditionally durable. The nylon frame design is equally essential as it allows this pair of prescription glasses from Nike to be compatible with both wide and narrow face golfers.

  • Nylon frame design
  • Cam-action hinges
  • Composite lens deigns
  • Has quality Optics which promotes precise visual
  • Features quality transport/storage pouch
  • Non-polarized

6.Reks Prescription Golf Sunglasses: Trivex Sunglass With Gray Lens And Plasma Mirror

Taking our position six, find military-grade Prescription Golf Sunglasses from reks.  The only downside of these sunglasses is that they are 100% non-polarized. Expect to makes clear shots when golfing with these reks prescription glasses as Trivex Color Enhance both vision clarity and accuracy.


Reks Prescription Golf Sunglasses View on Amazon

Reks Prescription Golf Sunglasses are both classic and fashion-based as the Composite frame has a reks logo engraved. The composite logo also allows you to be extremely comfortable either during a golf training or competition session.

Moreover, the Trivex Color promotes permanence by boosting contrast when golfing. Another amazing feature about these sunglasses is that they come with unbreakable polymer lenses. They are also 100% non-slip prescription sunglasses for golfing as a satin touch finish defines them.

During an intense golf training or competition, these sunglasses will not slip from your head as they have frames that are 100% Sweat absorbent. Interestingly these sunglasses have a flexible fit compatible with a wide range of golfer’s heads and face shapes as it features a Memory-flex frame.

  • Light in weight
  • Cleans easily
  • Military-grade
  • Non-slip design
  • Extra comfortable
  • None

7.Callaway Golf Prescription Sunglasses: Callaway Sungear Raptor Golf Sunglasses

When it comes to designing and manufacturing reliable prescription sunglasses golfing manufacturing Callaway is the only way to go. From glass lens to be 100% USA brand, Callaway Sungear Raptor Golf Sunglasses are durable and easy to access.


Callaway Golf Prescription Sunglasses View on Amazon

Not stray, harmful, or toxic light rays will have access to your eyes. These Callaway Sungear Raptor Golf glasses feature unconditional mirror coating. Of all the prescription golfing sunglasses brands on our review today.

Gray Lens, which comes with military-grade green mirrors, professionally filters harmful natural sunlight and UV light before the rays have access to your eyes. Moreover, the gray lens technology is one of the reasons why Callaway Sungear Raptor offers your eyes unbeatable protection against UVA, UVA, and UVA rays

The Megon nose pads technology present in these sunglasses is 100% flexible, making this pair of prescription globing glasses from Callaway compatible with a wide range of golfer’s face and head shapes. Additionally, these Callaway features a Matte white plastic frame that makes them both classic and stylish.

  • Stylish design
  • Strong Matte white plastic frame
  • Comes with a carrying Pouch and Lens Cloth
  • Mirror Coating
  • Adjustable nose pads
  • Features plastic frame

8.Adidas Prescription Golf Sunglasses: Adidas Kumacross 2.0  Sunglasses

Good things first, the lightweight nature of these Adidas golfing sunglasses is a result of polycarbonate lenses. What is more interesting is that this product also comes with quality traction temples.

Adidas Prescription Golf Sunglasses View on Amazon

By only coming from Adidas, these prescription sunglasses is 100% compatible with a wide range of sports. It also features a sporty look that allows this pair of sunglasses to be compatible with a wide spectrum of golfing gear and accessories.

Besides, Adidas Kumacross is the unique prescription glass for golf on our list as its Spare parts are readily available. This beast also has a quality and reliable Photochromatic lens that offers you accurate vision when golfing in a dimly lit environment or misty weather.

It has a prominent Adidas logo on the side of the frames; thus, it is both stylish and easy als0o compatible with a wide range of golfing outfits. The flexible design and weighing 3.2 Ounces allow Adidas Kumacross prescription sunglasses to be compatible with both beginner and expert golfers.

  • Light in weight
  • Military-grade
  • Improves vision clarity
  • Stylish
  • Has logo Adidas  on side frames
  • Weighs 3.2 Ounces


After going through a wide range of sunglasses on the market, Oakley Men’s Oo9014 Gascan was the most comfortable and overall Best Prescription Glasses For Golf on this review. Apart from being light in weight, it also features both a plastic frame and lens.

When selecting prime prescription glasses for golf, consider going for a product that can be compatible with a wide range of activities. Golf is an outdoor game that requires sunglasses that are polarized to block UV and blight sunlight rays from damaging your eyes.


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