5 Best Sunglasses For Construction 2021 Reviewed

The best sunglasses for construction should have the ability to protect your eyes from sun glare and UV light. Moreover, consider selecting a pair of sunglasses that are highly polarized to effectively safeguard your eyeball balls from macular degeneration and reduce eyestrain and cataracts.

However, construction sunglasses lenses must also offer glare, UVA, and UVB rays total protection mechanism protection. Construction sunglasses should also keep your eyes from flying debris, wind, stray chemical, or paint sprays.

Lastly, these sunglasses should also be compatible with your face shape and should have soft temples and nose pads to make you feel comfortable working in a construction firm.

Reviews: 5 Best Sunglasses For Construction In 2021

1.Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Polarized Construction Sunglasses Lens

Ultralight Armour comes with quality frames and a perfect blend of titanium and Grilamid. As a result, Under Armour Igniter was our best-polarized sunglasses for construction as it both rigid and 100% resistant from impact.

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Interestingly this beast construction from Under Armour comes with prominent three-point nose pads. As a result, Under Armour, Igniter is compatible with construction workers with different face shapes and forehead.

With military-grade lenses technology that comes with visual contrast, which is optimum, these Under Armour Igniter allows you to handle precision construction projects as it promotes exceptional vision clarity.

Besides coming with a soft microfiber cloth for cleaning its lens, Under Armour Igniter also features a 100% polarized lens that effectively blocks and filters UVB, UVA, and UVC light rays.

  • Light in weight
  • Polarized lenses
  • Nose bridges measure 19 millimeters
  • Flexible temples
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • resistant to oils
  • Features plastic frame

2.Oakley Gascan OO9014 Construction Sunglasses

Next up is the Gascan Sunglasses from Oakley. Despite these Gascan being unbeatable safety sunglasses, they are also our overall best Oakley sunglasses for construction. It comes with a case, cleaning cloth, a general sunglasses two full-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Moreover, the plastic lens design is 100% flexible. Thus, it allows these safe Oakley sunglasses to be compatible with construction workers with wide and narrow face shapes plan. Another factor in why you can use these Oakley to handle demanding construction projects is that the plastic lens is 100% polarized and effectively blocks all the harmful light rays.

With an overall lens length of 61 millimeters,   Oakley Gascan offers you a wide field of view and unrestricted movement and vision when working in dangerous construction environments.

The Mirror Coating technology of these lenses offers absolute protection to your eyes from possible construction work environment hazards such as explosives, chemicals, or even flying debris.

  • Offers unrestricted vision
  • Two years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Mirror Coating
  • Free cleaning kit
  • Authentic design
  • It comes with a hard carrying case
  • Plastic lens
  • Plastic frames

3.Smith Flywheel Safety Chromapop Construction Sunglasses

Next up on our review, find these smith flywheel sunglasses that offer wide eyes, cheekbones, and eyes socket coverage. As a result, we found Smith chroma pop to be our editor’s pick of best safety sunglasses for construction currently on the market.

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Thanks to Smith for featuring a polycarbonate lens technology, as it is the reason why these construction safety sunglasses are 100 resistant to both lens impact and oil. Additionally, with the hydroleophobic lens coating design, these smith chroma pop are 100% resistant to water and sweat droplets.

Flywheel Safety Construction Sunglasses are also 100% easy to clean as they feature a perfect blend of both oleophobic and hydrophobic lens properties. Moreover, these two properties make Flywheel Safety sunglasses to be 100% resistant to chemicals and oil.

Lastly, by featuring softy micro-fiber cleaning clothe and hydroleophobic lens cleaning, fingerprint smudges are 100% easy when working on construction projects, which exposes workers to oil and grease.

  • Hydroleophobic lens
  • Impact-resistant lenses
  • Comes with quality Auto-lock hinges
  • Adjustable nose pads
  • TR90 frame material
  • Comes with Plastic frame
  • Non-Polarized lens technology

4.Tifosi Veloce Workers 1040800167 Wrap Sunglasses

Besides taking our fourth position, Veloce wrap-around sunglasses from Tifosi made our editor’s pick of best sunglasses for construction workers. Both the sleek and hard carrying case is the only reason why storing or even storing these Veloce sunglasses from Tifosi is extremely easy to achieve.

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I like these Tifosi Veloce as they feature 100% Vented lenses to reduce fog when working in construction facilities in snowing or misty climatic regions. Tifosi Veloce also features TR-90 frame material.

Due to this reason, they are both healthy and unconditionally flexible construction work eye gear on the market today. The most fantastic feature is that this beast features 100% Tifosi® Optics shields, which effectively protects your eyes from possible glare.

.Interestingly, these construction work safety sunglasses from Tifos are compatible with other outdoor activities such as running and cycling as they come with anti-slip Hydrophilic rubber nose and earpieces.

  • Non-slip work sunglasses
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Unisex-adult
  • Nose bridge measures 8 3⁄5 mm
  • Filter toxic UV light.
  • Sleek design
  • Vented lenses
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Weighs 1 Pound

5.Spy Optic Budget Tron 2 Sunglasses

We should be thanking   Spy Optic because these construction best sunglasses come with a hard carrying case.  With a 51 millimeters lens height, these protective construction eyeglasses from Spy Optic Tron 2 Sunglasses effectively cover the sockets of your eyes fully from possible toxic UV rays.

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You can also work in construction projects in the environment in misty, ice, or dusty environments as the oleophobic and hydrophobic lens properties promote this pair of sunglasses’ work efficiency.

Furthermore, the 10 millimeters Nose Bridge is the only reason why Spy Optic sunglasses are compatible with beginners and experts construction enthusiasts today. Additionally, the  Matte Black material allows  Spy Optic sunglasses to be compatible with a wide range of construction tasks.

The medium-to-large fit design of both lenses and frames makes these Spy Optic Sunglasses 100% compatible with construction workers with different face shapes.

Lastly, polarized lenses that come with a perfect protective coating allow this Spy Optic to be compatible with wielding construction projections without exposing your eyes to toxic and harmful UV light rays.

  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Readily available
  • 10 millimeters Nose Bridge
  • Enhances contrast, vision, and color
  • Has plastic frames

How To Select Best Sunglasses For Construction In 2021

If you work in a construction firm or planning to carry out a construction project in your backyard, you will have to find a quality pair of safety sunglasses. According to the research we conducted, we discovered that ophthalmologists suggest that other than sunglasses, you will have to secure a quality hat to full protect your eyes during a construction project

Landing a durable, safe, and flexible pair of construction glasses today is not an easy task as there is a load of factors and tips to consider. Below an easy-to-follow construction work, protective wear buyers guide. Let’s get to work

UV Protection

When selecting a prime construction pair of sunglasses, consider going for a brand that comes with lenses that have an outstanding UV protection ability. Protective eyes wear gear should have the ability to absorb over 400nm of possible UV light.

To make sure that you will land a pair of sunglasses that can keep your eyes from all the UV light consider going for a product that features a UV protection label from the manufacturer.

Bigger Sunglasses

Another construction sunglasses selection point to have in your mind is to consider going for goggles bigger in size. Generally speaking, more giant sunglasses can cover your eyes and cheekbones entirely from stray objects.

When carrying out construction projects or tasks, those activities such as nailing, cutting, welding, or even chipping require sunglasses with a thick and robust lens to keep flying debris and poisonous dust from accessing your eyes.

Lenses Quality

When it comes to construction, sunglasses believe that lens quality is a vital factor to consider. When sunglasses, forest opticians recommend that you go for a pair with a lens with a uniform tint.

Construction with a uniform lens tint increases accuracy when carrying out a project such as welding, grinding, or even nailing. Moreover, uniform tint plays a massive role in ensuring that your eyeball and cheekbones are 100% protected from direct light, blue light, glare, and UV light, which might end up impairing your vision clarity.

Go For Photochromic Lenses Instead

The last string buying point of construction sunglasses is to consider going for a pair with photochromic lenses. Keep in mind the photochromic lens is 100% compatible with the construction project in dimly or brightly lit conditions.

However, it is also good to note that despite photochromic lens construction sunglasses being effective UV-light absorbents, they tend to take a relatively long time to fully adjust from dimly lit construction environment to brightly lit conditions. Due to this reason, they might end up messing with your vision clarity.


Flying debris, stray paint, and chemical and intense UV light from welding machines are significant menaces that you should protect your eyes from when working on construction projects. You can confidently consult our review of best sunglasses for construction that is you are after a durable, flexible, reliable, and protective construction work protective eyewear gear.

Consequently, consider wearing protective construction wear, including sunglasses, gloves, hats, boots, and pants whenever in a facility with an ongoing construction project. Other than protective sunglasses, there are other vital protective gears such as dust goggles, welding, and chemical or paint resistant shields that are compatible with your eyes if you’re a construction worker.


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