7 Best Sunglasses For Duck Hunting 2021 Reviewed

The best sunglasses for duck hunting should take a wrap-around eye design to keep your eyes safe from flying debris and scratches from branches. These duck hunting sunglasses should also have anti-fog lens technology to boost vision clarity when hunting duck in incredibly cold or hot weather.

Best Sunglasses For Duck Hunting

Moreover, appropriate duck hunting sunglasses should feature foam padding technology to effectively minimize dust and flying debris from accessing the hunter’s eyes.

These sunglasses should also have a secure fit; hence consider going for a pair that employs a sweat bar frame design as duck hunting is an engaging activity.

Below find our typical duck hunting sunglasses!

Reviews:  5 Best Sunglasses For Duck Hunting In 2021

1.Oakley Si Ballistic M-Frame 3.0 Shooting Glasses For Duck Hunting

SI Ballistic was our editor’s pick of best Oakley sunglass for a duck. Besides featuring plutonite lens, this Oakley SI Ballistic was also the top-rated duck hunting shooting glasses on our review and overall outdoor sunglass market.

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Interestingly, this pair of SI Ballistic sunglasses from Oakley is both durable and high performing by featuring an industrial-grade plastic frame. A nose bridge of 12 millimeters Oakley SI Ballistic is therefore compatible with oval, and round shape faces duck hunters.

Failing to mention that Oakley features High Definition Optics which is 100% Patented will be discrediting this eyewear manufacturing beast. Wellness PROTECT technology enhances apparent vision ability by effectively filtering visible and blue light, which tends to cause either extra- or intraocular glare when hunting ducks. 

Razor-sharp made possible by the High Definition Optics is another visible proof of why Oakley SI Ballistic was our editors Shooting Glasses for duck hunting favorite pick on our review. Lastly, thanks to Oakley for featuring Unobtanium nose pads and ear socks as they are the reason why this piece is unconditionally comfortable.

  • Unobtanium ear socks
  • Stress-resistant frame
  • UV Protection Coating
  • Polarized Iridium
  • Lens are scratch-resistant
  • 100% American brand
  • Features plastic frame
  • Defined by a plastic lens

2.Eschenbach Wellness Waterfowl Hunting Sunglasses

Eschenbach wellness took our best sunglasses for waterfowl hunting on our review today. It features a wrap-up design as it fully covers eye sockets, thus protecting your eyes from dust and tree branch scratches.

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By coming with 65% Yellow Tint, Eschenbach offers you outstanding visual clarity when hunting ducks during the day or night. Moreover, the lightweight designs made possible this product with a military-grade polycarbonate lens technology.

Eschenbach Sunglasses features 85% Polarized CR39 Tint technology, thus protecting your eyes from harmful UV light, which end up lowering your duck or waterfowl hunting accuracy and performance.

Interestingly, you can also use these duck hunting sunglasses even after undergoing cataract surgery as the wellness PROTECT  technology as it allows only secure light to access your retina. The frames also come with quality Ventilation slits, which prevents fogging of sunglasses lens.

  • 85% Polarized
  • Retinal protection
  • Outstanding contracts recognition
  • No irritating glare
  • Ventilation slits on frames
  • Wrap up deign
  • Yellow lens design

3.Spy Optic Angler Flat Sunglasses

Just as the name suggests, these Angler Flat Sunglasses from Spy Optic allows you to discover your duck snipping talent that you have never realized before. Our review Spy Optic managed to carry the flag of 100 % polarized sunglasses for duck hunting on the entire product son’s market our review.

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By coming with a lens width of 53 millimeters Spy Optic fully covers your eyes, thus protecting them from possible damage either from dust or even flying debris during a duck hunting trip. It is also an extremely lightweight pair of hunting sunglasses as it features a 100% Plastic frame..

Moreover, the Plastic frame designs are equally important as it allows Spy Optic sunglasses to be compatible with duck or waterfowl hunters with different face shapes. Thanks to Spy Optic for integrating a UV Protection Coating, due to this reason Spy Optic was our best Prescription for Duck Hunting.

Due to these reasons, these professionally filter all the UV and blue light before accessing your retina. In case you are wondering if you can wear sunglasses while duck hunting the answer is a big yes! As the rubber temples of this Spy Optic promotes comfort and outstanding performance.

  • Light in weight
  • UV Protection Coating
  • Lenses are prescription
  • Military-grade
  • 11 millimeters nose bridge
  • Weighs 1 Ounce
  • Features plastic frames

4.Costa Del Mar Blackfin 580g Round  Hunting Sunglasses

Next on our review find Blackfin, which was our best costa sunglasses for duck hunting. With powerful and technology-based   580 Glass lens, these Costa Del Mar have the un-debatable polarizing ability, making duck hunting in deserts or humid areas extremely enjoyable as they block 100% of all the UV light.

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Interestingly Costa Del features a soft cloth which makes cleaning the glass lens to be very easy. The soft cleaning cloth ensures that these Costa Del Mar sunglasses lenses will not be exposed to possible scratching. You will love the vented nose pads technology as it reduces lens fogging.

Count yourself as a lucky duck hunter as the limited costa warrant allows the manufacturer to correct this beast’s defects as stipulated in the Costa Del Mar warrant constitution.  With the Blue Mirror Polarized technology, you can easily enjoy a duck hunting experience even in full-sun situations.

Furthermore, the Blue Mirror Polarized lens technology, allows this beast from Costa Del Mar to be compatible with other outdoor activities such as fishing and skiing. The keeper-ready and 100% nonslip temple tips allow Blackfin despite having an overall weight of 580g to be extremely comfortable.

  • Boast vented nose pads,
  • 100% UV protection
  • Sleek and stylish
  • 580 Glass lens
  • Bio-resin frames
  • Comes with a soft cleaning cloth
  • Compatible with different face shapes
  • Weights approximately 580g

5.Wiley X Rebel Camo Shooting And Pheasant Hunting Sunglasses

The final product on our review today the  Wiley X Rebel as we found them to be our duck hunting sunglasses with no glare. Being both light in weight and extremely Wiley X Rebel was our best sunglasses for pheasant hunting.

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Moreover, these polarized shooting sunglasses are both stylish and fashionable as they have ACREB07 rebel engraved on their frame. Interestingly, Wiley X Rebel also managed to scoop another position on our list of shooting glasses for duck hunting as the polycarbonate green lens neutralizes bright light from your duck shooting short gun.

The most exciting bit about this Wiley X Rebel is that they feature a 100% polycarbonate lens, making them resistant to scratch. These pheasant hunting sunglasses from Wiley X Rebel have frames with a camo design. This feature increases your odds of hunting pheasant or ducks as you are invisible to their eyes.

Also, the wrap-around design ensures that your entire eyes sockets are fully covered. Due to this reason, Wiley X Rebel sunglasses ensure that no dust or flying debris will access your eyes when duck hunting either on land or on water.

  • Duck shooting sunglasses
  • Stylish design
  • polarized
  • Resistant to scratch
  • prescription ready
  • Feature a polycarbonate lens technology
  • Weighs 6 Ounces

6.SSP Eyewear Methow 6 Lens  RX-Able Trap Shooting Glasses

Our last position of shooting glasses for duck hunting went to RX-Able Trap Glasses from SSP Eyewear. Despite featuring polycarbonate lenses, these RX sunglasses block 100% of UVB and UVA light rays effectively.

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The primary factor that made this beast take our editor’s pick position is that it comes with not one but six anti-fog lenses, including yellow, bronze purple, clear, pink, and orange. Due to this reason, these duck and waterfowl hunting sunglasses from SSP Eyewear are compatible with a wide range of light conditions.

Expect to enjoy absolute comfort either when standing on a hunting ladder for hours as it features adjustable and 100% full-floating nose bridge technology. The SSP Eyewear sunglasses are compatible with duck hunters with different face shapes by featuring a military-grade nylon frame, which is matte black.

Furthermore, apart from the temples of these duck hunting sunglasses being double injected, they are also rubber. Therefore, SSP Eyewear is comfortable to wear all day long. Another amazing thing is these sunglasses come with a 100% hazard prove carrying case.

  • Full-floating Nose Bridge
  • Offers unbelievable comfort
  • Zippered storage case
  • Rubber temples
  • Anti-fog lenses
  • Sleek lightweight
  • Weighs 11.2 ounces
  • Features a polycarbonate lens

How To Select The Best Sunglasses For Duck Hunting

Quality duck hunting sunglasses should professionally protect hunter eyes from threats such as dust, sharp branches, and thorns. Unlike big game hunting, duck hunting requires you to have the best tools and gear so that you can enjoy a big catch.

While plenty of sunglasses for duck hunting, getting the most effective and durable pair is not an easy task. Both generic and original products are on the market. Below, find tips and features that will allow you to land a reliable, durable, and sunglass pair, which is 100% with duck hunting. Let’s get started!

Choose Anti-Fog Lenses

When shopping or selecting a quality sunglasses pair to take with you during your duck hunting trip, consider going for a brand that features an anti-fog lens technology. This feature ensures that your sunglasses’ lens will not fog when hunting ducks either during a cold or in exceedingly hot weather.

Besides, the anti-fog technology positively modifies your vision by ensuring that the lens will not fog due to physical exertion. In case you tend to sweat a lot during your hunting trips or due to a medical condition, consider going for duck hunting sunglasses that come with a quality anti-fog lens technology.

Wrap Around Eye Safety

Another factor that you should prioritize when selecting quality duck hunting sunglasses is to wrap around brands. Besides protecting your eyes from flying debris, Wrap around are extremely hard to get lost in the duck hunting ground.

Another reason why wrap around duck hunting sunglasses such as the Eschenbach wellness PROTECTION Sunglasses is highly recommended is to protect your eyes from possible branches, and pesky tree limbs scratch. Wrap Around sunglasses design also play a massive role in ensuring that the sockets of your eyes are fully covered. Thus their part is to protect your eyes from dust, the toxic chemical from animals such as snakes, wind, and pollen grain from shrubs present in duck hunting grounds.

Consider Frame Foam Padding Technology

The third factor that you should consider when shopping for quality duck hunting sunglasses is geo for a pair that embraces frame foam padding technology. Generally speaking, this foam padding technology protects duck hunters’ eyes from flying debris and esteemed dusty conditions.

However, have in mind duck hunting sunglasses that come with foam padding technology also cause lens fogging. We found the most appropriate duck hunting pair of sunglasses, which comes with proper foam padding on the frame and does not cause fogging in any climatic condition.

Shatter Resistant Lenses

The last feature and tip to consider when selecting a quality pair of duck thing sunglasses are to go for a product that has a 100% shatter-resistant lens. In other words, when we are talking about Shatter Resistant Lenses, we are generally suggesting that you consider going for sunglasses that are 1005 scratch resistant.

Therefore, consider going for sunglasses that have lenses that are 100% polycarbonate. Keep in mind those sunglasses with lenses that shatter-resistant as more durable and better performers as they protect your eyes from dust and pollen grain during your duck hunting expedition all year round.


The Boxster Tactical, handcrafted military sunglasses from Gatorz, took the top position of best sunglasses for our review’s duck hunting position. The Military duck hunting sunglasses features outstanding Anti-Fog coating technology when promotes vision clarity even when hunting ducks during hot, snowing, or foggy weather.

On the other hand, when searching for a quality duck hunting sunglass, consider going for a pair that perfectly matches your face’s shape. Furthermore, these sunglasses should be lightweight and also 100% durable.


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