7 Best Sunglasses For Surfers 2021 Reviewed

When you are after the best sunglasses for surfers, consider selecting sunglasses that offer unconditional protection to your eyes against glare and sunlight reflections when surfing. Best Sunglasses For SurfersTypically surfing is an outdoor surface water pass time activity that allows you to glide through artificial and natural water waves.

Therefore, sunglasses to wear while surfing should be flexible so that they can be compatible with both semi-shallow and slowly breaking waves. These sunglasses should also be 100% polarized to protect your eyes from both UVA and UVB sunlight which tend to be harmful.

See a review of the best sunglasses for surfers on the market today below!

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Reviews: 10 Best Sunglasses For Surfers In 2021

1.Surf Sunglasses With Strap- Wiley X Men’s Sg-1 Matte Adjustable Strap Sunglasses

Wiley X Men’s Sg-1 Matte which comes with an Adjustable Strap was our best surf sunglasses with strap on this list. Another interning thing is that matte black color allows Wiley X Sunglasses to blend with different types of swimsuits.

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Of all the surf sunglasses with straps on the market, Wiley Xis the lightest product as it features plastic frames. By featuring quality polycarbonate lenses this product is extremely durable as it is resistant to salt ocean water and dangerous waves when surfing.

It has silicon eyes cups, as result, it keeps your eyes wide open by keeping away water and moisture. The silicon eyes technology also ensures that you are in a position of enjoying all day long comfort.

Moreover, these Wiley x sunglasses also feature quality and Anti-Fog Coating which makes it easier for surfers to cut through huge and shallow waves without vision clarity being compromised.

  • Adjustable head strap
  • Lightweight
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Durable product
  • Features Composite lens technology
  • Nose bridge size is only 24 millimeters

2.Best Budget Surfers Sunglasses:100% Speed Craft Sport Performance Sunglasses

Speed craft Sports Performance will be a perfect pair of sunglasses to take to your surfing trip or expedition this season round. It is compatible with both natural and artificial surfing facilities as it offers you a100% 360-degree visibility.

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Additionally, the rubber nose pads of this pair of sunglasses offer you all day long comfort and also keep your nose from possible blisters instance. Generally speaking, it also has reliable and slightly longer temples to offer a comfortable grip when surfing through violent water waves.

Interestingly, Speed craft Sport sunglasses feature a slightly wide nose bridge which makes sit to be compatible with surfers with big, round, narrow, and oval face.it is also light in weight as it comes with reliable polycarbonate lenses.

Coming with 55 millimeters thick lens speed craft sport sunglasses are capable of neutralizing harmful sun rays and light-reflecting when surfing. Those sunglasses are also compatible with men, women, girls, and boys who are surfing enthusiasts as the Ultra-grip rubber nose offers unconditional grip in a wide range of head sizes and shapes.

  • Ultra-grip rubber nose
  • Composite lens
  • all-day comfort
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Budget-friendly
  • polycarbonate lenses

3.Best Light Oakley Sunglasses For Surfing:Oakley With Oakley Accessory Leash Kit

Apart from the authentic style which was made possible by the polarized lens nature of this Oakley sunglasses, it is also light in weight as it has polycarbonate lenses. The Matte Translucent Blue lenses color makes these sunglasses to be stylish and also compatible with a wide range of surfing gears and attires.

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Your eyes are also professionally protected from stray sunlight rays that result from water reflecting as it employs a professional Mirror Coating technology. With an overall 60 millimeters as the total lens width, these Oakley are compatible with shallow and deep surfing facilities.

The manufacture also features a quality screwdriver in the packages which make tightening or lessening frames of these surfing sunglasses to be easy to achieve. Thanks to the polycarbonate lens design as it reduces the overall weight of these Oakley sunglasses.

The micro-fiber cloth present plays a huge role in making the cleaning ability of this pair of sunglasses to be 100% achievable. The only downside of these sunglasses is that they are not polarized hence there is a probability of your eyes being exposed to toxic sunlight water reflections.

  • Matte Translucent Blue
  • Comes with a microfiber cloth
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Has the compact plastic frame
  • Compatible with different surfing outfits
  • Not polarized

4.Best Polarized Sunglasses For Surfing- Serengeti Lia Satin Black Bi-Mirror Lenses

Next, up find a surfer’s sunglasses brands that are 100% polarized hence making it to be compatible with toxic sunlight reflections when surfing. The ultra-glamorous cat-eye made this product to be our overall best-surfing sunglasses for girls and women on our review today.

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Take a minute and thank the manufacture of these Serengeti surfing sunglasses for featuring lenses that are chemically tampered with. Treating the Serengeti sunglasses lenses ensures that they are both resistant to both impact and scratching.

It is also important to mention that the anti-reflective coating technology plays a huge role in canceling all the glare and scattering light that results from sunlight reflecting when surfing.in addition, it comes with rubber nose pads, hence comfortable to wear during long and short surfing sessions.

The lightweight design of these sunglasses is made possible as the manufactures made use of   Nylon TR90 frames. Generally speaking, the backside of these Serengeti lenses comes with lenses that employ an anti-reflective coating.

  • ultra glamorous cat-eye
  • sleek sunglasses
  • scratch and impact resistant
  • Military grade
  • extremely flexible
  • Total weight is 7.05 Ounces

5.Best Prescription Surf Sunglasses: Costa Del Mar Bloke Rectangular Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Bloke features a 100% bio-based nylon frame making them takeout position five and best Prescription Surf Sunglasses on our review. When surfing offshore or in open water the blue polarized lenses protect your yeses from bright sun reflections.

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Interestingly it features nylon frames which apart from being comfortable are also 100% lightweight, as a result, Costa Del Mar is compatible with a wide range of water sports. Thanks to the  580 Glass as apart from offering superior clarity it is also the reason why  Costa Del Mar are ultra-resistant to scratch.

Wondering what is the best Prescription Surf Sunglasses that are governed by a manufactures warranty? Well then look no further as Costa Del Mar offers after-sale services such as fixing broken sunglasses.

The blue mirror technology ensures that your eyes are protected from both glared and UV sunlight light rays from water reflections. Therefore, the blue mirror technology is the major reason Costa Del Mar haves the best polarizing efficiency on this list.

To effectively promote vision clarity either when surfing on slat or freshwater, Costa Del Mar comes with a soft microfiber clothe for cleaning lenses. By coming with bio-based nylon frames   Costa Del Mar sunglasses are 100% flexible, making them be compatible with different water sports.

  • durable
  • 100% flexible
  • Has quality Costa holding case
  • soft microfiber clothe
  • bio-based nylon frame
  • comes with Costa’s Limited Warrant
  • 6 Ounces

6.Maui Jim World Cup Wrap Sunglasses -best Cheap Surf Sunglasses

If you are on a tight budget and still after durable, high-performing and scratch-resistant surfing sunglasses, then consider going for the Maui Jim World Cup Wrap Sunglasses. The polarized nature of the lenses of these Maui Jim sunglasses makes them be glare-free.On the other hand, the polarized lens technology also enhances vision clarity by dissolving sunlight reflections.

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By featuring an interchangeable nose bridge technology, as a result, Maui Jim sunglasses are therefore compatible with men, girls, women, and boys with different face shapes and head sizes. You will also definitely love   the adjustable dead traps technology which ensures that this pair of sunglasses will not be swept by when grinding through waves.

Interestingly, despite Maui being the best cheap surf sunglasses in our review they also make good use of Plus2 lens technology which is 100% polarized. As result, they are effective in filtering harmful UV rays and toxic sunlight reflecting when surfing in the bright sun.

  • Budget based
  • glare-free vision
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Polarized plus2 lens technology
  • Neutral grey lenses
  • incredible durability
  • Super thin glass lens material

7.Best Wrap Around Prescription Surf Style Sunglasses: Smith Reverb Sunglasses

Are you thinking about what sunglasses do surfers wear? Or just after both reliable and surf styles sunglasses which are budget based? Well then, meet Smith Reverb. The CHROMAPOP filters technology keeps your eyes from sunlight refection and also makes this product to be compatible with a wide range of products.

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Interestingly the curved frame design is the other reason as to why Smith reverb sunglasses still managed to take our best wrap-around prescription Surfers sunglasses position on our review.

By featuring which features 100% Interchangeable lens this reverb sunglass from smith is versatile, hence compatible with a wide range of water sports. You will also appreciate that these surfing sunglasses feature an HYDROLEOPHOBIC lens. As a result, smith reverb is resistant to grime, grease, and moisture.

Moreover, the HYDROLEOPHOBIC lens technology protects your eyes from debris, pebbles that might be present in water. Lastly, the TR90 Frame system is the reason why Smith Reverb Sunglasses are 100% light in weight and extremely flexible.

  • Soft rubber pads
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Durable plastic frames
  • Sleek deigns
  • microfiber storage
  • HYDROPHILIC Megol temple
  • 100% non-polarized

Considerations Of Choosing The Best Sunglasses For Surfers

Unconditional Fog Protection

Ultimate surfing sunglasses should be both comfortable and easy to work with as a result consider going for sunglasses that promote effective airflow when surfing. In addition, another reason to why anti-fog surfing sunglasses are a necessity is to ensure that your vision I clarity is not impaired.

Attractive Surfers Sunglasses

The overall appearance is another huge factor or buying point of surfers’ sunglasses. Consider going for attractive sunglasses brands that you are comfortable to wear in private or public surfing facilities.

However, consider going for a pair of sunglasses that perfectly matches the shape of your head. Another factor that determines is surfing sunglasses are comfortable.

360-Degree Visibility

Another factor to consider is going for sunglasses that offer 360-Degree Visibility either on oceans, rivers or in private surfing facilities. This factor also reduces vision difficulties to offering you a wide field of view.

Sunglasses that have a wide field of view also reduces glare and also makes surfing in the sun to be 100% easier and very enjoyable. 360-Degree visibility technology allows various sunglasses to be compatible with various face and head shapes.

Scratch And Impact Resistant

Another surfing sunglasses buying point is to consider going for a pair that is both impact and scratch-resistant. To make this to be possible, such sunglasses should come with plastic or anti-scratch lenses. Scratch And Impact Resistant surfing sunglasses are not only safe but also durable and reliable.

Surf Sunglasses With Strap

Another strong surfing sunglasses factor to consider is to go for brands that have quality straps. Such brands are relatively more stable when compared with brands that have no straps.

Surfing sunglasses with straps are also safer to use as they will not be easily taken off by strong water waves. Moreover surfing sunglasses that have straps are 100%  flexible hence compatible with a wide range of water sports such as water sports kayaking, surfing,  windsurfing, fishing, kiteboarding,  sailing, and waterski.


Other than getting yourself a quality swimsuit, surfing watches another must-have gear is a quality and reliable pair of sunglasses. Jump to 100% Speedcraft Sports Performance as it was our overall best sunglasses for surfers on the market today.

When surfing either on artificial, ocean or river waves ensure that you wear comfortable and protective sunglasses. Waves when surfing can also be sharp hence consider going for protective and stable sunglasses to protect your eyes from minor injuries.


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