Best Sunglasses For Truck Drivers

Driving sunglasses are all about utility and comfort. After checking out hundreds of sunglasses and testing more than 50 designs, we found that the best sunglasses for truck drivers are RIVBOS polarized sunglasses. People love the variety of lenses and the lightweight yet durable overall design. 

The Torege sunglasses also made it to our list as the most comfortable sunglasses for truck drivers. It comes with a soft nose pad and interchangeable lenses, perfect for all-weather year-round. We will discuss the different sunglasses truckers can choose for their long-distance drives designed to withstand the harsh conditions of truck driving. 

Here is a rundown of the best sunglasses for truck drivers;

  • Rivbos Polarized Sunglasses – Overall Most Popular 
  • Torege Polarized Sunglasses – Most Comfortable 
  • Storycoast Polarized Sunglasses – Impact and Scratch Resistant 
  • Ray-Ban Cats Aviator – Most Stylish  
  • Merry’sMerry’s Polarized Aluminum Sunglasses – Best on a Budget 

1. RIVBOS Polarized Sunglasses

RIVBOS Polarized driving sunglasses

The Rivbos sunglasses cater to athletes and people who spend a reasonable amount of time outdoors. The anti-glare polarized lenses make it perfect for truck drivers as it ensures you get a clear view of the road ahead of you and your mirrors.

It is designed with rubber frames that fit snugly around your head for increased comfort and a better periphery view. The design is stylish and modern in addition to the comfort and utility. Rivbos has a mirror coating making your glasses scratch-resistant and eliminating reflected and scattered light.

The rubber frames, besides being comfortable, also ensure that you don’t break your sunglasses while on the road. The rubber is flexible and sturdy, ensuring your eyewear has a longer lifespan. 


  • Polarized lenses 
  • Mirror coating 
  • Strong and flexible frames
  • Lightweight 
  • Fashionable 
  • Comes with accessories 
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee
Pros Cons
Durable quality The rubber earpieces wear out faster than the rest of the materials.
Lifetime breakage warranty 
Anti-glare lenses 

2. TOREGE Sunglasses

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Torege sunglasses are another popular option for people who spend a lot of time driving. The lenses are 120 mm and come with three interchangeable options. All lenses are 100% UV 400 protected and block 100% of UVA and UVB light. 

This design is comfortable and stylish with a rimless jacket frame that enables a more precise vision field. It is light, strong, and designed to be scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and unbreakable. The soft nose pad is made of rubber, perfect for extended wear. 

Torege sunglasses have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can return faulty sunglasses for a full refund. 


  • Unisex design 
  • HD Polarized 
  • Protects against UV rays 
  • Comfortable design 
  • Curves to fit the head shape 
Pros Cons
Three lenses available for different times of the day Only one of the lenses is polarized
Easy to interchange the lenses 
Lightweight design 
Affordable cost 

3. Storycoast Polarized Sunglasses

STORYCOAST Polarized Sports Sunglasses for driving

The Storycoast polarized sunglasses are another popular option from which truck drivers get a lot of value. These sunglasses are 100% UVA and UVB rays resistant. They also block 100% of harmful rays. The lens is also made from polycarbonate, an unbreakable, scratch-resistant material. 

The frame is lightweight but durable. It is also designed to be impact and scratch-resistant. The design is made for the outdoors, making them perfect for drivers who ensure multiple weather conditions while on the road. 

It also comes with a gift package and an accessories package that ensure you take the best care of your newly acquired sunglasses. The brand pays attention to its products and guarantees a full refund if your product comes with any quality issues.


  • HD Polarized Lenses 
  • Lightweight 
  • Anti-scratch lens and frame 
  • Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays 
  • Money-back guarantee 
Pros Cons
Easy to clean Loose-fitting for small heads 
Durable design 
Comfortable fit 
Multiple designs and colors 

4. Ray-Ban Cats Aviator

ray-ban glasses for driving

The Ray-Ban brand is iconic, and the cat aviators are stylish yet practical. The fit is modern and comfortable and can be worn by both men and women. The lenses are made to prevent glare while on the road and protect your eyes from UV light.

The nylon frame is light and comfortable to wear and is made to look stylish and remain durable. The contemporary style is a result of several decades’ worth of work. Each model available in the Ray-Ban collection serves its purpose of protecting your eyes from harmful rays and fits well, making you look great. 

Genuine Ray-Bans have an RB etched on the side as a mark of quality, and it is an easy way to know if someone tries to sell you knock-off Ray-Bans. 


  • Nylon frame design built to last 
  • Made in Italy  
  • High-quality crystal lenses
  • 100% UV rays protection 
  • Non-polarized 
Pros Cons
Stylish look Costly 
Polarized lenses 
Unisex design 
High-quality materials

5. MERRY’S Polarized Aluminum Sunglasses

MERRY'S Unisex Polarized Aluminum Sunglasses for driving

With over 20 designs and colors, the Merrys polarized sunglasses are another great option for truck drivers. The overall design is comfortable and fits well on most people. The lenses are polarized to reduce reflection from the road, water bodies, and snow. 

It was designed for the active person and is optimized for the best performance while on the go. The lenses reduce glare which is perfect for long-distance driving. The frames are not very flexible, so they need good care to last you longer. 

The lenses restore true color, eliminating scattered light which helps protect your eyes. They also cut glare and gaze, which makes your eyes comfortable while on the road. These cost-efficient sunglasses come with all the accessories you need to store and keep your sunglasses clean


  • Polarized lenses 
  • Stylish design 
  • More than 20 styles to choose from 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Restores true color 
Pros Cons
Cheap sunglasses Not very durable 
Different looks for both men and women 
It has anti-glare properties perfect for all weathers 
Great fit for all genders 


The best sunglasses for truck drivers need to be durable but efficient in reducing glare and reflection and protecting the driver from harmful UV Light.

They don’t need to be designer shades, such as Maui Jim sunglasses, they just have to be durable and have good optics in order to be effective.

All the above sunglasses are perfect for long-distance driving, with each pair performing the best for different features. Whether you are on a budget, need something stylish, or are hunting for variety, there is an excellent pair of sunglasses for driving on our list.


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